shannon (leirza) wrote in webhosts,

getting a server

Hey I am new to webdesigning...I have a few questions about getting a server.

-i use dreamweaver and I know I have to get a server for a remote site to upload my files to. I need to get a site that I can get a domain name for, and all that stuff. How exactly does that work?

-when i purchase a domain name and get a server, do they give me all the information and the password and all the stuff to type into the section for establishing a remote site?

-when i get the server, what would i select: ftp, local/network, etc..

-i dont need to get an additional file uploading program like cuteftp or anything if i have dreamweaver right? i assume i can just do the uploading straight on that program

sorry if these questions seem ridiculous, but i really just started learning and if you guys can help me out at all i would be so happy. any advice would be appreciated so much. thanks!
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